Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The LONG Drive Home

As mom and dad drove me to the Austin airport yesterday afternoon I was talking with Chris on the cell and we decided he'd come to pick me up at the Sea/Tac airport instead of my original plan of taking the shuttle from Sea/Tac to Bellingham where Chris would pick me up. We were afraid I wouldn't be able to catch the 9pm shuttle from the airport since my flight was scheduled to land at 8:37pm, if I missed the 9pm shuttle the next one wasn't until 11pm. So we thought it best to not risk me getting stuck in the airport for a few hours and just have Chris come get me.

Chris arrived at the Seattle airport in his parents old mini van that they're loaning us since the 4Runner is totaled from a week or so ago when Chris hit some black ice. He is uninjured and okay, praise God!
Chris & I had no idea but a winter storm hit the Seattle/Bellingham/Abbotsford area last night. BIG note to self: check weather report when traveling:o) It was snowing in Seattle when my plane landed... Chris said it was clear in Abbotsford when he left and that the weather had gotten steadily worse as he drove into Seattle. The snow and visibility was so bad that we drove at about 20 to 40 mph the whole way to Bellingham. We arrived in B'ham at a little after midnight and found we had a flat tire. We pulled into a hotel that had a breeze way so Chris wouldn't have to change the tire in the snow. I waited in the lobby while Chris worked out in the cold for the next hour and a half. He finished putting the doughnut on at about 2am and we headed to Abbotsford. The worst part of the drive was this normally 35 min. stretch of mostly country roads, last night it took us an hour and a half. Chris could hardly see the road, he was using the telephone posts as a guide to where the middle of the road was. We finally crawled in bed at 4am this morning! Praise God for His faithfulness and protection!

We've both been joking this morning that a sane person would have checked into a hotel in Seattle, a crazy person would have checked into the hotel we changed the tire at in B'ham, but only two lunatics would keep driving through all that to get home! But in all seriousness, we praise God for watching over us and encourage y'all not to follow our example if you find yourself in a blizzard:o)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a.....

We're excited to announce we're having a BOY!!!
Stryder Allen Taylor is due at the end of April!!!

Christmas with the Shepherd family New Years Day 2011 

Christmas with the Taylor family on Christmas Day

 Christmas Day 2010