Thursday, February 18, 2010


Meet Norman...
 Norman got on the train with his mom, sister, baby brother and his... potty. His sister carried the other half of the potty chair. Norman seemed to be very independent and caught up in his own little world as he chose a seat right across from me, a ways away from the rest of his family. I was surprised his mother was okay with him being so far out of her protective reach but she seemed to be totally at ease. Norman sang songs as he played with his spider man action figure. At one stop a woman entered the train looking for a seat. Norman’s mother yelled at him to pick up his potty so the woman could sit down... Norman obeyed quickly. The woman sat down ever so slowly as she stared at the potty now sitting in Norman's lap. Lynia (my sister-in-law) and I couldn’t stop smiling at the whole scenario being played out in front of us. I just wanted to hug little Norman and cheer for his lack of concern with what the rest of the world thought of him on the train with his potty. Go Norman go!!!

Vancouver 2010 - Men's Hockey USA vs. Switzerland

Chris & I enjoyed our second Olympic event this past Tuesday... Men's Hockey! It was such a great game! As you probably already know USA won Switzerland 3 to 1! Chris & I made the t-shirts we wore to show our support for the USA, we had a lot of fun making them together!

After the hockey game we joined the large crowds of people milling around the downtown Vancouver area sight seeing and visiting various Olympic related events. It was so fun to see so many people from all around the world so excited about the games! I've never seen Canadians more alive and excited then now! It makes me happy to see them going all out and celebrating their Canadian pride and spirit!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver 2010 - Men's Moguls

Wow.... what an AMAZING night last night was for men's mogul ski jumping! Chris & I are still pinching ourselves to make sure we were actually there live and in person and not just dreaming! We had such a fun day and got to share it with Jon (Chris' brother) and Lynia (our sister-in-law)! We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and felt so privileged to witness Alexandre Bilodeau (Canada) win the gold and Bryon Wilson (USA) win the bronze!

We got to stand right next to Bryon Wilson's family through the whole event so it was pretty special to experience and share in their excitement and joy all day/evening. Bryon's younger brother and five of his cousins had written WILSON across their chests and were walking around shirtless in the COLD for the better part of the afternoon... crazy boys. Sorry, didn't get a picture of that one:o)

The whole day was filled with excitement! I yelled so loud and so hard for Canada AND the USA that my head hurts today. Yesterday I realized that I'm a really lucky girl to get to cheer for two countries that I love and belong to... not very many people get to be dual citizens of two countries! Of course my heart swells with pride a little more for the red, white and blue:o)