Friday, June 24, 2011

The Count Down Is On!

So, here we are... seven days away from moving to Texas and I'm feeling excited, overwhelmed, happy, sad, anxious, afraid and confident that this is God's will for us. I sometimes wonder how I can be feeling all these things in the same day? For example: When I start to feel anxious and afraid of all of the unknown that we're heading into, what happened to that confidence and reassurance I was feeling just a minute ago that this is God's plan for us? I feel like my emotions are one big roller coaster ride that never stops and yet somehow new feelings are getting on and off as they please! Stop the madness!! I love that I can look into Stryder's eyes and for a moment slip back into reality and enjoy his precious coo's and smiles in the midst of all the chaos. 

this postcard is a special gift from the Isaak family who live in Scotland to remind Stryder what else was happening in the world the day we was born

our smiley guy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Big Move South

Beth (my sister) came to visit and packed over 40 boxes for us... not the most relaxing vacation she's ever had:o) Thanks a million Bethy! You're such a blessing to us!

That's right... we're moving back to Texas! This is something we've dreamed and prayed about for almost five years. It's hard to believe the time has finally come!

Chris' current job here in Abbotsford will end later this month so we figure it makes more sense to move so he can be applying for work in Texas in person. Chris has been looking for work in the Austin area for a few months now. He's had several phone interviews but nothing solid has turned up yet. We'd greatly appreciate your prayers for us in this regard.

So, where will we be living until Chris finds a job you ask? My parents have very graciously opened their doors to the three of us! Stryder and I will fly to Texas on the 1st of July and Chris will come with the moving truck shortly after.

Of course this move comes with it's sad and difficult parts. We will greatly miss Chris' family, our friends, and church. Saying goodbye to people you love is never easy... we wish we could just take them all with us! If I could sum up this chapter of our lives here in Canada in a few words I would say this: it's been a season of discovering who God is as well as seeing His hand at work in our lives first hand in a very real way! Looking back on the last five years brings tears to my eyes because we've experienced great pain and loss as well as indescribable joy. All of which we've had the privilege of walking through with dear friends and family by our side. Yes, there are so many ways we will miss Canada, but most of all the very special people God has placed in our lives and given us the shear joy of getting to know over the years... you all know who you are! We love you dearly and thank you for making these years here some of the richest we've ever had! We are so thankful for the years God put us here!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Stryder Allen

Wow, one day from now my little man will be six weeks old! Time has flown since he arrived! Things have been so busy but I've wanted to get on here so bad to post pictures of our precious gift from God. Here are a few from birth to present day... enjoy!!

He's all mine!!!! Can hardly believe it!

We're a family!
Nona and her grand baby boy

Stryder had a photo shoot with a photographer... more of her pics to come soon!

Papa and his boy!

Love at first sight... Stryder and his Aunt Cookie

A nap... finally!

Love those smiles!

Stryder and his friend Cordy Roy Lion from his Aunt Kimmy

Daddy and son

Stryder taking a pacifier for the first time! His Aunt Bethy suggested we try a different brand and he liked this one!
Stryder LOVED his Aunt Bethy and all her songs!

Ahhhh, what a pacifier can do (when he'll actually take it:o)

Our 6 year anniversary on June 4th... time flies when you're married to such an amazing guy!
Took this just this afternoon... love him so much!