Monday, August 12, 2013

WARNING... Highly Medicated!

My spread of meds for 3 wks
The best part about any type of fertility treatment is all the medication you get to be on and how it all makes you feel so much more like yourself... said NO ONE EVER! This morning I was reminded by my fertility coordinator that we will start the hiney muscle shots this week. Oh goody! I was waiting in anticipation for those to finally be here!

In all seriousness the meds have gone pretty smoothly, which I am thankful for. They do make me feel a bit out of sorts but not too bad. But maybe that depends on who you ask;o) I should probably ask Chris to write on the topic if you want the honest to goodness answer. I'm nervous about the hiney shot as it is every day until the pregnancy test... and if it's positive we have to continue them daily until 12 weeks pregnant. Of course it would totally be worth it but I'm a little scared at the thought.

I had my last ultrasound and blood draw before embryo transfer this morning and the results are exactly where they say I should be at this point in the process. Embryo transfer is set for next week. I try not to think too much about after the transfer... I'll deal with all the anxiety and fear once it's here. What I'm most looking forward to is 3 whole days of bed rest! Doesn't that sound good? Even if you have a whole list of "To Do's" you're not allowed to touch them. You must lay on your back and relax for 3 days straight. I've already started a list of "holds" at the library of movies and books I'm planning on enjoying! And cleaning the house before hand is definitely a must... I can't enjoy being on the couch or in bed if the house is dirty, no sir!

Later this week I'm looking forward to picking up our frozen embryos from their current storage facility to deliver them to our doctor! I'm so looking forward to it because they're my babies and I haven't been this close to them since they were created back in 2010... that probably sounds weird. I'm looking forward to praying over them, giving them to God, remembering He is their creator and sustainer, the only one who can give them life, breath and health. It's a crazy thing... to be holding your babies before they're born. Not something very many people get to do, so I'm going to savor the moments as if they were my last with them.

Stryder and his "muh-yash"

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  1. Praying for you and your little ones, Amy!