Sunday, October 20, 2013

Blood Test Results

Stryder's face captures how we're all feeling right now!

It's positive y'all! The blood test came back positive!! It worked!!! Chris & I are still in a bit of shock as we were totally prepared for a negative blood test. I had to ask the doc a few times if he was sure because I was so caught off guard. Much of the evening was spent on the phone calling family and friends and celebrating God's goodness! Thank y'all so much for praying with us through out this whole process. We have experienced God's presence with us day by day. Words cannot express how much your prayers have meant to us. We would covet your continued prayers for us and this precious life growing inside of me. Wow!! God is good!!

A celebratory breakfast at Kerbey Lane, so special! 

Aunt Nannie came over for a sleep over and showed up with Martinelli's and cake to celebrate!


  1. Yay!!!! I'm all welling up with tears of joy for you guys, while at the same time wanting to do cartwheels and finding myself grinning and laughing while the tears come down. So fun! You guys are totally in our hearts and prayers as you journey through this next season of a different kind of waiting. So completely thrilled and excited for you!!!!!!!! (There are totally not enough exclamation points in the world to equal my excitement!!!)

  2. What wonderful news! Congratulations!!!!